I love making records. I love the sound of recorded music, and my brain likes to relate to it by decade and year. When I was 16 I decided to leave high school and go to Full Sail University to make music full time. At that time I was the youngest person to ever attend the school.


I founded Make Believe Studios over 5 years ago right here in Omaha, Nebraska. In April of 2016 we opened our new studio which was featured in Mix Magazines Class of 2016. This is my home and where I do my work.

Since starting my career I have had the pleasure of recording, mixing and mastering Grammy award winning and world class Musician's from every corner of the world in every genre of music there is. I have also had the honor of working with young talent and growing with them while they tour the world gaining new fans every day.


I bring the same attention and level of detail to each and every song that I do. I truly believe the every song sounds different. I do not use a template. I do what ever is needed to make your songs as musical, dynamic and competitive as they possibly can be. I believe that music is art and I want to make sure that your art is interpreted the way you intended it to be.





825 S 20th St 

Omaha, NE 68108


Tel: (402) 972-6387

Rick Carson is represented by Kelle Musgrave @ Linear Management

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When I produce records, I try and help take an artist from where they are, to where they would like to be. I am a no holds barred, results driven producer who is solely focused on providing an environment that brings out the best in artists.

During this process I use highly specified, and stereo matched equipment. This ensures that your record is as dynamic and exciting as possible. From system to system.

Let me use my hand selected hardware and plugins, to enhance each individual song of yours to its fullest.

Are you looking to get in the game yourself? I offer many ways that I can help from individual mix and production critiques, to full educational courses and curriculum.